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Day 264 & 265 – September 6 &7

September 6 – For some reason, I always manage to be working on projects at the last minute. So right before I go on a trip, I decide that I MUST have this bag or outfit or something. This means that I end up staying up late to finish the project. This time, for the first time every, I didn’t actually finish the bag I wanted to finish. I DID finish 5 other bags, so I guess that’s alright=)

Since I didn’t finish the bag on this trip, I finished it on Thursday. I usually design my own bags or loosely follow a tutorial. This time, I went ahead and bought a pattern since it was cheap and was close to what I wanted. I used Simplicity 2600, but made quite a few changes.

The pattern called for quilting all of the pieces. Quilting is a giant pain, and I didn’t have time, so I skipped that, added interfacing and a lining. This also means I didn’t have to bind all of the interior seams.

It also called for padding in the shoulder straps. I skipped the padding, serged the edges and instead added a little snap on padded section.

The side pockets were converted to zipper pockets .

and I put two non-zip pockets instead of just one.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, now I just need an excuse to try it out. I’ll probably use it as my hospital bag in a few weeks.

September 7 – I have alot of baby carriers. Partly because I’ve had a pile of babies, and partly because I like to sew, so I’m always making new carriers to try out a different technique or to add a different feature. I also have given away a bunch of carriers to people, so I’m always making more to replace the gifted carriers. On The Babywearer, there are a few of us who thought it would be fun to learn about traditional carriers from around the world and either make them or buy them. Last week we used Mexican rebozos. This week we are trying out the African kanga and kitenge. Next week, we are going to try a Russian apron. I’m totally intrigued by this idea, so it should be interested. I happened to have a tablecloth that someone gave to me at a yard sale since it had some holes in it. The embroidery was lovely, so I went ahead and used the tablecloth, patching up the holes where necessary.

This is the apron folded in half and laid straight out. You can see that the top is narrower than the bottom.

A close-up of the nice embroidery.

My little patches.

My decorative stitching used to attach the binding to the top of the apron.

I’m guessing I’ll just be using this with demo baby since I don’t really see how this is going to be comfy with a 25lb 2 year old.

Here’s a link to a webpage showing how the apron would be used.


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