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Day 269 – September 11

I was planning on doing the first half of this post as yesterday’s post. I learned how to make a reversible, double-layered ring sling. The problem is, I messed up . . . . the zippered pocket was too high so it ended up being right at the rings (not good), and the rings I used were too small. Sooo, I got to spend some quality time with my seam ripper. Bascially, I just has to rip it all out and start over. Boo! But I finished it today and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m discovering that a double-layer sling is much trickier to adjust than a single layer.

I used a tutorial from Jan’s website, Sleeping Baby Productions. IMO, she’s the ring sling guru since she’s been making them for a very long time, and she has TONS of great baby stuff tutorials on her website. This is the tute that I used. I added an inset zippered pocket, cuz apparently I like to sew zippered pockets! I also did an Eesty-style shoulder (two smallish pleats on the outside and gathered in the center. I used a cotton fabric, I think it’s a batik, that I found at an estate sale, it’s really gorgeous. For the other side, I bought some bright green brocade, that’s also gorgeous. If I wouldn’t have messed up, it would have been a super easy project. Alas, I goofed up.

Here I am modelling it with demo baby.

And a better shot of the brocade.

Today, I learned how to make a fleece sling. Actually, it was just a basic sling, but I used Jan’s instructions here on how to cut out the bulk in the fleece, making it much easier to sew the rings in. This sling is likely going to be for DH to use around the house if he needs to get the LO up quickly, and just for a short time. I’ll also use it to get to and from the car and house. Some of you may be asking, “Why bother putting the baby in a carrier to walk to the car?” Well, when you have 3 other children to wrangle, a diaper bag and any other stuff that may be going to the car, it’s MUCH easier to get there and back if I have two free hands rather than one.

Anyway, I added a crazy little patchwork of fleece scraps at the bottom, just for fun. It’s really longer than I like for it to be, but DH is a good foot and change taller than me, so it will be just fine for him.

Here I am with demo baby.

Now we just need the real baby to come on out so we can us the new slings!


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