Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 270 – September 12

I learned a few new cooking things today, inadvertently. I wanted to make Tater Tot casserole, which is ostensibly super easy and quick. Wouldn’t you know it, I had neither cream of mushroom soup or evaporated milk. Soooo, off to my sauces Pinterest board I went. I used this recipe for evaporated milk (basically just powdered milk and water), and this recipe for the cream of mushroom soup. I ended up doing a cream of celery since all of the mushrooms were already spoken for. It was a little more work than just opening up a can, but the result was equally as yummy, and probably healthier.

I also tried a sweet potato recipe. The taters really needed to get used up as they were starting to grow. I tried this sweet potato fries recipe from foodie.com. I don’t think mine turned out very crispy, but I’m guessing that’s because I cut them so small. I used my mandoline to slice them up, and ended up with little sticks as opposed to bigger, french fry-like sticks. In any case, I thought they were pretty good, and easy. So I’ll probably try this again, cutting the pieces a little bigger this time.

You can see here how small they were. Small, but still yummy!


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