Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 271 – September 13

For the most part, I’ve been pretty lucky when trying out new recipes. I think there have only been a handful of times that I made something that ended up being terrible. Today was pretty close to being one of those times. If you remember from a few previous posts, I have a new Vegetarian cookbook that I like quite well. Today I thought I’d try out a mushroom stroganoff. It’s been years since I’ve made stroganoff. I really like it, and I love mushrooms, so this seemed like a good combo.

Since we have more than 4 people in our family, I doubled it. I used 2 lbs of mushrooms, 2.5 cups of vegetable broth, fresh marjoram and about 1 cup of yogurt. The mushroom concoction was served over white rice. . . . . .. It was not very good at all. I kinda suspected that it was going to be bland when I got to adding the ingredients and thought, “Hmm . .. there’s nothing in here that is going to make it taste good.” So I added the marjoram, some salt and I think another spice. It wasn’t creamy at all. In my mind, stroganoff should be a whitish color. This as brown and bland. DH suggested putting in some marianted tofu. I think that would have helped, but I’m just not willing to make the recipe again to find out. It really needed something other than plain yogurt for the dairy portion, something like half and half or even heavy cream. The boys seemed to eat it just fine, but DD’s assessment: “This tastes funny.” For once, I totally agreed with her.

Oh well . . .I guess every recipe can’t be a winner!


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