Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 272 – September 14

After the failed recipe from yesterday, you’d think I’d stay away from my Vegetarian cookbook. You’d be wrong. I saw a vegetarian lasagna recipe that looked interesting. Again, I doubled the recipe since it only serves 4. Holy cow! This was a labor intensive recipe! I spend 1.5 hours in prep, and then it had to cook for 30 minutes. It was nuts! Granted, I did take about 5-10 minutes while the zucchini was cooking to make a quick Greek Salad. And I was dealing with a 2yo who refused to sleep and kept getting in and out of the baby carrier. But still, 1.5 hours is a LOOONG prep. Definitely not a recipe I would make for a regular weeknight. Since it’s for Sabbath, I suppose it’s okay. I just hope that the flavor is amazing!

It really looks pretty good: grilled eggplant, canned tomatoes, zucchini sauteed with garlic, parsely and mace (I have no idea what that is, so I used marjoram) and a bechamel sauce infused with black pepper, bay leaves and onion. There definitely wasn’t enough sauce. I had to pull out a little bit of jarred pasta sauce to supplement. Even though I doubled the sauce, I still needed half again as much more. I ended up with ALOT of veggies. I had too many zucchini, and the casserole dish was stuffed to the the top. I thought for sure I was going to end up with a mess in the bottom of my oven. Thankfully, it was okay.

The recipe says to cook the lasagna and then serve right away. Since I made it today for Sabbath, which is tomorrow, I ignored that part. Besides, I tend to think that lasagna is one of those things that tastes better the second day. I’ll wait till tomorrow to actually post this so that I can give a review of the flavor. All I have to say is that it had better be amazing, given the amount of prep time!!

The other thing I made today was a pumpkin chocolate chip bread. This was super yummy! I was finishing up the canned yams, so I didn’t use pumpkin. Honestly, the flavor was no different. I pinned the recipe from the Taste of Home blog. Since we were having the bread alongside apple sauce and berry smoothies for supper, I made 6 mini loaves and 2 slightly bigger loaves. That means that it didn’t take 60 minutes to cook. The mini loaves were done after 30 minutes and the slightly bigger ones were done after 45 minutes. I’ll definitely be keeping this recipe around for the fall! I’ll probably play around with the spices, maybe adding some cloves or nutmeg or even ginger . . we’ll see!

Quick update on the lasagna . .. . it was quite good, just not good enough to be worth all of the work. The sauce needed a bit more flavoring and I could have used more salt. All in all, it was okay for today, not sure if I’ll make it again. Maybe I’ll add some mushrooms next time.


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