Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 275 – September 17

The year is about 3/4 of the way over, and I’ve discovered that learning doesn’t happen on a daily basis. I can go several days without learning or trying anything new. And then the next day, I’ll learn/try 3 or 4 new things. Today is an example of that. Since I usually do lots of food posts, I’ll start with the non-food thing.

I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for quite a few months now. I use the Fels-Naptha bar soap and grate it up. It works pretty well, and is inexpensive to make. But all of that grating can be, well, grating. So I found this recipe that requires no grating. It’s basically washing soda, borax and dish soap. Super easy to make and I think it works. I’ve done about 3 loads of laundry with it . . .so far, so good. I only made a little bit, just in case it’s terrible. I have yet to wash a really muddy load, so we’ll see how it does with that. I’m hoping this works well as it will be much easier to make.

For dinner tonight, I tried a zucchini rice recipe from the blog Smitten Kitchen. I really like it when recipes tell you how many people it serves. This recipe turned out to be not very much, more like a side dish than an entree. It wasn’t my favorite. DH thought it smelled funny, but tasted good. I think the smell came from the sun-dried tomato cheese, and I didn’t really care for that flavor. But, I didn’t have any parmesen, so substituted the sun-dried instead. I think I would have used more rice, at least twice as much. And the proportions of the veggies seemed off. I didn’t have enough zucchini or tomatoes to do two full layers. Eh, oh well.

The other recipe I tried was for no-bake energy bites. I think this name is a real misnomer. Energy bites makes it sound like they are really healthy and you can snack on them all day long. But let’s be realistic here, people. It has lots of peanut butter in it and chocolate chips. Don’t get me wrong, they are easy to make and yummy (the babes kept asking for more and more). I just wouldn’t consider them to be particularly healthy.


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