Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 289 – October 2

Today I learned that homebirths are different from hospital births. That probably seems like a ridiculously obvious statement. And if you know me, it may seem even more ridiculous that this is something that I learned just today, given that I’ve had one hospital birth and two homebirths. But still, today the point was really brought home to me.

Here’s the biggest difference between the two. . . . . interruptions. Hospital births are fraught with interruptions. I was in postpartum for 4 hours. During that time, it was a CONSTANT parade of people coming into the room: social worker, hospital registration folks, the lab (twice), lactation consultant, and the photographer. This was in addition to the nurse coming in at regular intervals to check vitals on baby and myself. Seriously, it was NUTS! The midwife came by and said, “Okay, everything is fine so you can go home today. Try to get some rest while you wait for your other kids to come.” Yeah right! Every time I’d fall asleep, someone else would knock at the door. So very annoying! This was so not the case with the homebirths. In fact, after the 2nd homebirth, I was hoping someone would walk into the living room to take the baby so I could get some sleep without worrying about dropping of smooshing him.

I know some people like to “take advantage” of being able to rest in the hospital so they stay there the longest time possible. I honestly have no idea how people get rest in the hospital! I was so very ready to bust out of there. I arrived at 4:15 am and was being wheeled out the front door at 12:30 pm, and that was just fine with me. I should mention that I’m not criticizing hospital births or people that really enjoy them. I AM saying that they aren’t for me.

And one more thing . . . really not something I learned, just a random thought. I’ve had lots of babies, so this is pretty much old hat for me. Nothing that I was told today was news. If I was a brand new mom, on the other hand, I would have been utterly overwhelmed with the amount of information thrown my direction just hours after having given birth. Seems like there should be a better way than to bombard a hormonal woman with gobs of new information. Maybe that’s why you leave the hospital with all sorts of folders full of information that you can then digest at your leisure, and in all of your “free” time.

Anyway, so after two hospital births and two homebirths, I can say without a doubt that barring any complications, homebirths are where it’s at for me.


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