Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 291 – October 4

Today was another day when I didn’t feel like cooking. Are you starting to notice a pattern? lol. Seriously, if I could have a personal chef, my life would be soooo much easier! Anyway, so for dinner we had pierogies with sauteed onions and I made an apple crisp. Apple crisps are super easy to make . . .just apples, and then some sort of topping. IMO, the topping is what will make or break the crisp. Rather than wing it, I decided to follow a recipe. I found this one from About.com. I doubled the recipe since we are really now a large family. It’s a good thing I doubled it . . . everyone thought it was great. Either that, or they were super hungry! lol The babes each had like 3 servings, and the adults all had several servings, as well. By the time supper was over, there were maybe 2 servings left. Those disappeared after DH’s volleyball game.

The only changes I made were to use whole wheat flour in place of all purpose, and I added cinnamon. The topping struck me as a little clumpy and thick, but not sure what I would do to change that. Since everyone loved it, I”ll probably not make any changes in the future and just use the recipe as is. On second thought, I get bored easily, so I’ll likely change up the spices for the next time, maybe use more butter. All in all, though, a good recipe.


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