Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 296 – October 9

Commercial patterns have completely bogus sizing. I have never been able to just make a pattern as is and have it fit correctly. I have no idea why I thought this time would be different. I made a jacket for the newest LO as part of my Kids Clothing Week Challenge. I cut the smallest size, which ostensibly would fit babies up to 7 pounds. That would be perfect since I’m not sure that the little man has quite gotten to 7 pounds. It ended up being as big, or bigger than a 3-6 month jacket that I had been using for the babe which was way too big. Here, see for yourself.

See how it comes down to his mid thigh? And you could fit two of him in the jacket! So I altered the pattern, taking in several inches on the side and back, and shortening it. I ended up with this.

It’s a much better fit! I did make one change between the top pic and the newborn-less pic . . . . I got rid of the closure tabs and just installed snaps down the front so that it will fit him more snugly.

So what did I learn today? At this point in my “making clothing for the babes” experience, I’m better off just drafting my own patterns and looking at catalogs, etc to get inspiration. Who knew?!


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