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Day 312 – October 25

Based on my lack of posts, you’d think I hadn’t been learning anything new for the past 10-ish days. I suppose that’s mostly true. I haven’t learned anything interesting enough to share. I have, however, been busy learning all the quirks of my newborn. He’s not really any quirkier than the previous babes, he’s just a new little person that I have been getting to know. Figuring out when he’s hungry, when he’s sleepy, when he has to go potty, you know, the essentials of babydom.

But, amidst all of the baby learning, I did manage to accidentally learn something today. I’ve been using computers for years and years and know my way around a computer. In fact, the computer tech person at my first job straight out of college dubbed me the office super user. Imagine my surprise today when I pressed a combination of keys and my screen flipped 90 degrees! I sat there going, “What just happened?” I wasn’t totally sure what keys I had just pressed, but a bit of experimentation revealed the following:

Ctrl + Alt + any of the arrow keys = your screen will flip. The direction and amount of flippage is dependent on which arrow key you press.

-The down arrow will flip the screen upside-down.
-The right arrow will flip the screen so that the top of the page is now at the right.
-The left arrow will flip the screen so that the top of the page is now at the left.
-The up arrow will flip the screen back to the normal orientation.

I had no idea! How many times have I had to look at pictures with my head craned to the side because the uploader didn’t flip them. That won’t be a problem anymore. Someone sends you a picture oriented the wrong way, just flip your screen!

Who knew!


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One thought on “Day 312 – October 25

  1. Thanks for the tip. Love you.

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