Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 318 – October 31

I’m a big fan of Nutella. I think I was first introduced to the wonder that is Nutella when I lived in Spain. The cafeteria would give us Nutella sandwhiches when we went on field trips. The bread was a round loaf of french-type bread, drenched in olive oil (cuz apparently that’s how they roll at that particular school), and then spread with a generous helping of Nutella. I could definitely have done without the oil, but the Nutella was oh so delicious.

When I was at the grocery store today, something next to the Nutella caught my eye: Jif flavored Hazelnut spread. Now this wasn’t just any hazelnut spread, it was Mocha Cappuccino. Um, yes please! I bought a jar and paired it with red raspberry jam in my sandwhich. Whoa, it was waayyyy too sweet! I think the jam was pretty sweet to start with, and then the hazelnut on top of that, it was too much for me. But I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel on this product. I decided to try making a drink with it. You may recall a while ago I tried this with Nutella. (The recipe is pinned here.) It was really not so great, sadly. But, I am happy to report that it is delish with the Jif hazlenut spread. I used 3 teaspoons instead of 2, and it was exactly what I needed last night! Hooray, a new drink, and it’s just for me since the babes obviously don’t do caffeine, and DH isn’t a coffee person. Woohoo!


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