Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 319 – November 1

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a “Wow! I learned so much today!” kind of a day. I learned three things today, all about food.

First, I had a bunch of mom friends over with their babes and we did caramel apples. I had never done them before, so I looked online to see how to go about doing them. I got the original inspiration here. I really liked that the apples were cut into smaller, more manageable pieces for the babes. Another website suggested freezing the apples so that the caramel would stick. Uh, that was a big mistake. Yes, the caramel stuck, but then the apples were mealy and not crisp and it was just that much messier. The other problem we had was the caramel hardened rather quickly, so much so that sometimes it was already hardened before the babes could roll them in the goodies. So it wasn’t a total failure, but it didn’t work out as nicely as I thought it would. Oh well, I think all of the littles had fun, so that’s the important thing.

Second, I tried a new bread recipe . .. wheat germ snack buns. They were easy and quick to make and pretty tasty. They worked great as hamburger buns. I think I’ll just be making my own hamburger buns from now on!

Third, we needed something to go on the hamburger buns, so I pulled out a burger recipe from my vegetarian cookbook. It was a bean burger recipe that I modified a bit. I used black beans in addition to the called for kidney beans. I just think black beans are tastier and I think they pack more of a nutritious punch. The recipe also called for cardamom. . .I’m pretty sure I have/had some, but couldn’t find it in the heat of the moment, so I substituted dill and sage. I know, neither or those taste anything like cardamom!

Anyway, the outcome was quite good tasting, but I can’t say that they looked all that appetizing and they didn’t really stay together very well. I think it really needed at least an egg to hold it all together. The first few that I flipped broke apart, so I left the others under the broiler for a bit long. This made them stay together better, but it also made them much more brown, almost burnt. But, all of the burgers disappeared and the 4 and 5 yo wolfed down the first burger and ate about 1/3 of a second burger, and DH thought they were fantastic. So, I guess the ugliness of the burger didn’t really matter to them. I’m going to try this again and add egg to see if that helps hold it together better, and I’ll probably add more mushrooms since I’m a bit fan of mushrooms!


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