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Day 327 – November 9

I was in a cooking mood this evening, and got a little ambitious with my supper plans. Everything turned out, but it took longer than expected. Merrily, everyone thought the food was great and gobbled it up, so it was worth the wait. I made bacon and gruyere scones (which I’ve made before, I’d just forgotten), apple braid bread and sweet corn chowder. The breads are pinned on my breads board, and the chowder is a Nigella Lawson recipe.

I started out with the apple braid bread. The dough was rather interesting as it was really elastic, which meant that it didn’t cut very well, but it still worked out okay. The process of braiding the bread is very similar to that employed in the spaghetti bread that I love to make. I had a small snaffu in that I discovered that we didn’t have any lemon juice. I used some apple cider vinegar, and then found some key lime juice, so I used that as well. I think the vinegar would have been fine on it’s own, though. Anyway, it baked up nicely, and the glaze was super delish on it’s own. The glaze seemed to lose some of it flavor once it was on the bread, though. Seems like the bread needed more glaze, and it actually could have used more apples and liquid. It struck me as a wee bit dry. It wasn’t a total loss though. It’s a good basic recipe that could be amazing with a few tweaks, so I’m keeping it.

The chowder was relatively simple to make. The trickiest part was converting the measurements to ones I was more familiar with, like cups and and oz instead of liters and grams. The chowder was edible, but it definitely wasn’t the best chowder I’ve had. Frankly, if it weren’t for the toasted chips with cheese, the chowder would have been totally unremarkable. I suspected as much before putting the chowder on the table, so I added black pepper, salt, and whipping cream. They helped a little. If you are looking for a quick and easy chowder, this one will do. I personally will spend a little more time and use some other recipes that I have that yield tastier results.

Here’s a totally mediocre picture depicting the totally mediocre chowder.

I served the cranberry apple cider today . . .the kids drank it, but did say that it sort of tasted funny. I’m guessing it was the ground nutmeg . . .so maybe that wasn’t a great substitution. I did notice that the flavor was better when the cider was lukewarm rather than piping hot.


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One thought on “Day 327 – November 9

  1. Spaghetti Bread, yum yum!

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