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Day 331 – November 13

It sure seems like I haven’t been learning much this past month, at least my lack of posts would signal that. Have no fear, I’m about to starting learning things left and right. It looks like the boss has a milk intolerance, so I’m going to be cutting dairy out of our diets. This is a big deal because as vegetarians, dairy is a big part of our diet. I’m a pretty decent cook, I just have no clue how to do it without dairy, and still be happy about what I’m eating. Sooo, mass amounts of learning are on the horizon. I’ll be sharing any new recipes that I find and little tidbits about being dairy free!

But for today, I tried a twice baked sweet potato recipe. I got the recipe from our grocery store. Actually, the babes picked it out. The potatoes get baked, then you scoop out most of the potato and whip it up with milk, butter, nutmeg and cinnamon. There were several problems: 1) not all of the potatoes were totally cooked, so some of the chunks were still hard. 2) it wasn’t all that tasty, so I added about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar.

Once the flavor was acceptable, I scooped the mixture back into the shells and baked for another 10 minutes. I didn’t think that they were very good at all, I’ve definitely had sweet potatoes that were leagues more delicious. It would seem that the men in the family felt differently. The 5 year old at an entire sweet potato, and they were giant potatoes. That ended up being the entirety of his supper as he didn’t touch the black bean soup, which is usually a big hit with him. The 2 year old at his potato, and then moved over to the 4 year old’s spot and finished off her potato. Hubby had a potato and a half. I’m guessing that meant they liked it? Unfortunately for them, this recipe isn’t going to be sticking around!


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One thought on “Day 331 – November 13

  1. I was vegan for about 4 years and have loads of good recipes I can share with you! I decided to add dairy back into my diet when I was pregnant with Gavyn and it is hard to go back, hehe. Good luck and I will bring some cookbooks to share with you next time I see you!

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