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Day 333 – November 15

Okay folks, fasten your seatbelts cuz today was a whirlwind of learning!

About 10 years ago I developed this weird allergy to some fruits and vegetables. I first noticed it when I ate some watermelon, and then promptly lost my voice for about 30 minutes. My cords got super swollen, such that they were unable to approximate, thus rendering me voiceless. Then I started noticing that if I ate certain raw veggies, my throat would swell or it would get itchy, and my nose would get itchy. As the years went on, I discovered more and more fruits and veggies and some nuts that would cause that reaction. Then, today, someone pointed me to this page on wikipedia. There’s a name for my allergy, oral allergy syndrome, and I”m not just crazy! Woot!

Speaking of allergy, I learned the difference between an allergy and an intolerance. My baby most likely has an intolerance to dairy/soy. That means that his body is unable to process the offender. An allergy, on the other hand, produces hives or swelling or something visible on the outside. Now that I know the difference, it seems so easy and obvious!

The big discovery for today, soy is in EVERYTHING! I was okay with dropping dairy. Sure, it’s going to be a challenge and I’ve gotten here kicking and screaming, but I figured it would be doable. Then I was told to drop soy as well . . .. uh, that’s more of a challenge. It’s seriously in everything: peanuts, oreos, cereals, cooking spray, shortening, chips, bread, pasta sauce . . everything! Ack! This is going to be interesting!

Today was our first dairy and soy free day. For supper I had peanut cakes/burgers on the menu. That flew out the window with the knowledge that peanuts have soy in them. So I found a black bean burger recipe from Cooking Light. I skipped the chipotle mayo as I knew non of the babes would like it. I made some hamburger buns, and substituted coconut milk and oil for the milk and butter. They turned out just fine . . . they didn’t taste any different than they tasted when I made the buns with milk and margarine. That was a happy discovery! The burgers were pretty good. They definitely were better than the previous version.

Speaking of coconut milk, I tried two different kinds today: plain and chocolate. The plain was just fine on my cereal this morning. The chocolate . . .blech . . . not good at all . . .it sort of tasted like cough syrup. I definitely won’t be spending money on that again!

The most important lesson from today was that going dairy and soy free isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s alot to learn in a very short amount of time, and in many cases, you can’t mess up. In my case, it isn’t life-threatening, but if I goof up and do ingest milk/soy, then the little boss is the one that suffers. So I’m reading labels, lots and lots of labels, and trying to explain to the babes why it’s okay for me to spend the day munching on unhealthy chips while they eat other more healthy things. (Hey, I need to get fat from somewhere!)

Stay tuned to see what dairy/soy free things I learn tomorrow! Riveting, right? =)


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One thought on “Day 333 – November 15

  1. Wish the best for you and K. Love you.

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