Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 346 – November 19

Yesterday I made some baked beans. Partway through, I realized that I needed some vegetable broth, and I didn’t have any bouillion cubes that didn’t have soy. I ended up improvising, but decided that I should just make my own broth. So today, I gave it a whirl. I used this recipe from the blog Simply Recipes. There was a huge amount of chopping to do (nothing that my new Ninja blender couldn’t handle), and it took several hours to cook everything down and strain it out. In the end, I had 5 quarts of vegetable broth. But here’s the thing: I’m not convinced that it’s more economical to make your own, especially since I managed to find some cubes that didn’t have soy in them. You spend around $6-8 on just the vegetables, and then the time to chop everything and cook it down. A bottle of cubes was around $6. So, I’m thinking I won’t be making broth again. Unless, of course, I try the broth and it’s to die for!

The other new bit of information has to do with breastfeeding. Soooo, if it gives you the heebie jeebies to talk about breastfeeding, then I’ll bid you adieu and see you tomorrow.









Still here? Alrighty. So the little boss is such a lazy latcher. He’s growing like a gangbuster, so clearly he’s getting milk, but he’s lazy and doesn’t really believe in opening his mouth very wide. It drives me NUTS! I have to fight with him at practically every nursing session to get him latched on. And when he is on, I still have to flip his lips out to make sure they are properly phlanged. So I went to the breastfeeding clinic to see if they had any suggestions. I actually learned a new little trick today, which was surprising because I have a good sized arsenal of little tricks. (Keep in mind, this is my 4th nursling, so I fashioned myself a very experienced breastfeeder.) Anyway, the lactation consultant suggested that compress the breast to make a sandwhich, (baby’s lips = bread, breast = filling). The idea is that by compressing the breast, the little ones have an easier time getting latched on and don’t get overwhelmed by breast. Makes sense, right? But there’s more. She said to make sure that the sandwhich was going the same direction as the baby’s mouth. So if the baby’s mouth was more horizontal (like it would be in a football hold or in an inclined cross cradle hold), then you’d compress the breast from the top and bottom. If it was more vertical (like it would be in a cradle hold), then the breast would be compressed from the two sides. This seems so obvious, but it was like a little light bulb went off. Ever since getting that little gem of info, my lazy latcher has been doing leagues better. Hooray!

So there you have it, two very different lessons today!


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