Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 350 – November 23

Quite a few months ago, I pinned this recipe for a stove-top potpourri mix. Since I happened to have an extra bag of cranberries in the fridge, and since I was in a festive mood, I decided to give it a go. The smell was delicious, but it really didn’t get much past the kitchen, which was disappointing. I was hoping it would make at least the dining and livingrooms smell delicious . . .no such luck. I’m thinking maybe I’ll dump the whole mix in the slow cooker. The only problem with that is that I’d have to have the slow cooker going the whole season, which seems kinda silly. DH jokingly turned on the exhaust fan to help circulate the fragrance. (Our exhaust fan doesn’t actually vent outdoors. It just sucks up the air and redepoits it close to the ceiling. Kinda pointless if you ask me!) The other problem with the stove top potpourri is that it seems it would be super easy to forget that you had something simmering on the stove. I could just see myself leaving the house to run errands with the stove still on. Not a good thing.

Sooo, maybe I’ll just pitch this recipe and add it to my list of things that “seemed like a good idea at the time.” Oh well!


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