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Day 331 – November 27

I just realized that my numbering is totally off. I was starting to write this post, and the day was ostensibly to be 353. “Whoa, we are almost to the end of the year! Waaaaiiiiit a minute. We aren’t THAT close to the end, just 12 days? Nope, something is wrong here!”

After some simple sleuthing, I realized that waaay back on the 1st of March, I skipped ten days, and I’m sure I goofed somewhere else, too. Oh well, so today is only day 331. I thought about going back and fixing all of the days. And then I smacked my anal retentive self in the head and said “Get a grip!”

Anyway, so today, I tried to make turnip hashbrowns. Someone had given us a 4 pound turnip, which was HUGE, and I needed to use it up. I didn’t have any lunch plans, so I thought fake hashbrowns with scrambled eggs would be good. The recipe I used was from the blog The Paleo Prize and can be found here.. I shredded the turnips, squeezed out the water and set to frying/sauteeing them. In the end, the consistency was not at all like hasbrowns, they were softer, less crispy. I experimented with three different seasonings, none of which were stellar. This particular turnip was good in that it didn’t have a bitter flavor, so that was nice. The hashbrown thing didn’t really work out, though.

So now, I have a ton of wanna be hashbrown turnips left over. What am I gonna do with them?


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2 thoughts on “Day 331 – November 27

  1. So sorry you didn’t care for the turnip hashbrowns! I think it takes some practice getting used to your “healthier” substitutions not being true replacements. I like these turnip hashbrowns in their own way — not as a replacement for what I know and love potato hashbrowns to be like. 😉 If you find yourself with a good deal of turnips — here’s another recipe I like to use a lot. http://beta.primal-palate.com/recipe/smoky-roasted-turnips/

    • Thanks for the other recipe, I’m intrigued by it!
      I should clarify . . . .the turnips were definitely edible, they just didn’t have the crunchy, crispy texture I was expecting. So in that regard, they were a failure. But, as a side dish, they were fine=) Thanks for popping in!

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