Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 333 – November 29

Today I tried three new diary and soy free recipes and met with varied success.

First off, after making the almond milk, I had a goodly amount of almond pulp left over and I didn’t want to throw it away. Sooo, I used this recipe for almond pulp oatmeal as inspiration. I didn’t really follow the quantities or anything. I did just mix the pulp in with my usual instant oats, added sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and almond milk and heated it up. I didn’t really notice a difference in flavor, just in texture. This will be a good way to get some extra protein in my breakfast, so it’s a keeper.

I also made almond pulp freezer fudge. When I licked the spatula after pouring it into the glass dish, I wasn’t really impressed. As I’m typing this up, I’m realizing that I forgot to take it out of the freezer to assess the flavor. Soo . . .I’ll be right back. . . . . . . . ..





Uh, I won’t be keeping this recipe around. I’m sure the babes and DH will love it. It’s too banana-y for my liking and the texture is just weird. Oh well, it was worth a shot, right? =)

The third recipe was the final installment in my non-dairy milk trials: flax seed milk. I totally messed up and didn’t bother re-reading all of the directions before starting, so I ended up dumping everything in the blender at once instead of doing the flax seed first and then adding the other things. But in the end, I don’t think it really made a difference. I had major issues with straining off the seed parts. Part of the issue was that I was trying to keep the toddler out of trouble while wearing the newborn. The other part was that I kept cutting the cheesecloth too small, so it would fall into the jar . . .not so helpful. In any case, I finished straining and had a taste . . . blech! I’ve read that flax seed milk is the closest in nutrients to cow’s milk. That’s not enough to convince me to keep making it, though. It looks like almond milk has the best flavor, so I’ll probably stick with that for awhile.

Tomorrow will be another busy learning day . . I have several recipes lined up to try!


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