Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 336 – December 2

I haven’t tried any new recipes, but I’m popping in to give a review of the potato soup from the other day. It was only mediocre. It was edible, but mediocre. I’m sure that if I would have used real cream cheese, it would have been amazing. Cooking the potatoes for so long meant that they were super soft, they just fell apart. The fake cream cheese didn’t really help the soup, though. My four year old summed it up by saying, “This tastes funny!” Oh well, I’ll keep the recipe in reserve for whenever I’m able to go back on dairy.

I did have some left over fake cream cheese, and I used it as dip for my tortilla chips. That was pretty good, even the kids like it. But, I probably won’t make it very often since cashews aren’t exactly cheap.

I keep hoping I’ll find some dairy/soy free recipe that is delish . . so far, no luck. I did manage to make a sauteed mushroom topping with carmelized onions and a few other things that was pretty yummy. But as far as recipes from the internet, nothing doing. I think that people are really sensitive to opinions on their recipes. I’ve had several people comment on my posts when I’ve given a negative review of their recipe. Generally it’s, “Oh, you did this and this wrong, which is why you didn’t like it. Do it again and follow the recipe to the letter and you’ll love it.” I don’t know, when I cook something, I’m totally fine with it if people don’t like it. My identity isn’t tied up in the success of the recipe. Maybe the folks who post recipes online don’t feel the same way. Anyway, I’ll keep on giving honest reviews of recipes, and hopefully someday soon, I’ll find several that I love!


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