Learning each and every day

My quest to edify myself a bit every day

Day 339 – December 5

After yesterday’s post when I mentioned that much of the new foods I’ve tried were blah, a friend of mine suggested the blog The Post Punk Kitchen. There are a ton of really great sounding recipes there. Today I tried out two of them. I went with breakfast for dinner and we had Puffy Pillow Pancakes and Ginger Chocolate Chunk Scones. I was thinking it would be a quick prep . . . turns out, not so much. The scones were super easy and fast. . . .they are scones, so not much to it. The pancakes were a whole other ball of wax. For one, mine were not puffy by any stretch of the imagination. The batter was really very runny, so I don’t know that puffiness was even a possibility. For two, you had to cook them for a total of about 7-8 minutes . . . that’s a LOOONG time in pancake-land. For three, I doubled the recipe, so I had a ton to do. The recipe said it made 6, which would be enough for one each with one extra. That would never do, so I doubled it. I ended up with way more than 12, more like 20 or more pancakes. I’m guessing the runniness of the batter had something to do with it. For once in my life, I followed the recipe to the letter, so I’m not sure what went wrong?!

Anyway, the pancakes were a giant hit. The 5 year old ate like four of them and the 4 year old at 2.5. I thought the flavor was really pretty good, comparable to many other yummy pancake recipes. I’m not sure that they are worth the extra time on the griddle, though. We’ll see. The scones were your typical scone, dry, but good. I would have liked more chocolate chunks because really, you can never have too many chocolate chunks. I think the babes liked the scones less well than the pancakes. I’m guessing the ginger made them to spicy for their palates. I thought they were pretty good, though.

So, the scone recipe I’ll keep around as a good base for modifications. The pancake recipe, I’ll have to think about that one to see why they didn’t puff up. If I can get that to work, it would be fun to add food coloring, or to swirl each pancake with chocolate syrup or something. But first, I have to deal with the lack of puff!


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