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Day 340 – December 6

We’ve been passing a cold around the house for the past 4 weeks. Today I started feeling bad again, the tickle in my throat. I thought, “Really? Is this going to be my third cold?” I had seen a friend post about the wonders of garlic lemonade, so I gave it a try. It wasn’t delicious, but not disgusting, either. I drank a quart. Either that wasn’t enough, or it doesn’t actually work, because I’m still feeling blech. *sigh* I got the recipe from the blog Homegrown Love.

One of DH’s favorite dishes is stuffed peppers. I found this out quite by accident a few years ago when I made some and he said, “Wow! I LOVE stuffed peppers!” Even so, I don’t make them very often as the recipe I have was sort of involved. In my quest to find delicious dairy and soy free recipes, I came across this recipe for stuffed peppers with black beans, quinoa, and mushroom. The stuffing was really quite yummy. I think the dish as a whole would have been better with red peppers . . . I’m just too cheap to pay $2/pepper. The green peppers were okay, but not sweet like the red peppers would have been. I’ll keep this recipe around for the summer when red peppers will go on sale.


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2 thoughts on “Day 340 – December 6

  1. 3 apples, 1/2 inch horseradish u can mix it with water. make a juice and drink this mixture 8 times ( debes de usar un estractor de jugos.. Hope you feel beter.

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