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Day 341 – December 7

Quite a few months ago, I tried a new recipe for spicy noodles. They ended up being way too spicy for the babes, so I chucked the recipe on the back burner for awhile. I pulled it back out today since it was dairy and soy free. Well, I thought it was, until I saw that soy sauce was needed. Shoot! A quick google search and I found this recipe for soy free soy sauce from the blog Stephanie Cooks.

I don’t really think it tasted anything at all like soy sauce, but it was interesting. I added some more salt which made it a little better.

I’ve decided that it’s probably best to find other things to eat rather than to find substitutes. I’m mostly a vegetarian now, although I do occasionally revert to my childhood days and have chicken or beef. In my own cooking, I’ve used the soy substitutes and I can say that although they are tasty, they taste nothing like the real thing. This leads me to wonder why we bother trying to make substitutes that taste like the real thing? I think if I keep trying to find things that taste like cheese, or sour cream or soy sauce, I’m going to be very unhappy for the next few months or years that I’m dairy and soy free. So, I’m resolving to just find other things to eat and quit trying to substitute.


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One thought on “Day 341 – December 7

  1. I agree about not trying to “substitute”everything…just find things you like to eat! Your blog makes me hungry, btw 😉 I’ve grabbed several of your recipes to try! Thanks!

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