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Day 362 & 363 – December 28 & 29

Dec 28 – A few days ago I discovered lactation cookies. Today I was having a hankering for something pumpkiny and I said to myself, “Self, I wonder if you could make pumpkin chocolate chip lactation cookies?” Off to the internet I went and I found two recipes. This recipe from the blog Why I cloth diaper was the one I tried today. I made a few modifications:

coconut oil instead of butter
added 3T chia seeds
used dairy-free chocolate chips
omitted the nuts

Everyone thought they were yummy. I would have liked more pumpkin flavor . .. next time! I really liked that it was made with whole wheat .. made me feel like they were much healthier. I didn’t, however, like the chia seed addition, so those will get the axe next time. This recipe made a large amount of dough. I made 2.5 dozen cookies and still have enough dough to make about 7 dozen more! Lucky me=)

When I first started my dairy/soy free diet, a good friend sent me a ton of recipes, and also sent me a link to her recipe blog. This recipe for a nut loaf popped up just in time for Christmas. I didn’t manage to make it for Christmas dinner, but we had it for Sabbath dinner, instead. It was really super easy to make, with the most time-consuming portion being the actual baking. I didn’t think that all of it would fit into a bread loaf pan, but it all managed to smoosh in.

Dec 29 – Today I made the gravy to go atop the holiday nut loaf. I was really quite impressed with the flavor. I had one little bite that tasted remarkably like chicken broth. Yeah, that was a total shocker! It was pretty tasty atop the loaf, which was also pretty tasty. It tasted very traditionally Adventist to me. As in, it tasted like something I would expect a grandmotherly Adventist lady to bring to a potluck. Now I know how to make it=) I’m not sure that the babes liked it, but I think they didn’t have enough gravy on it. Just on it’s own, the loaf is pretty dry, it really needs to be drowned in gravy. I think I’ll keep this recipe around!


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One thought on “Day 362 & 363 – December 28 & 29

  1. I really enjoy the Holiday Nut Loaf!
    And the cookies were very good!

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