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Dry staples

We are in month two of being dairy and soy free thanks to DS3’s intolerance. This means we have been spending lots of time at the co-op and I’ve been buying lots of bulk foods. This is all great, until I get everything home and have to find somewhere to put it. When I would find somewhere to put the goods, I’d forget what was what. “Wait, is this rye flour or millet or sorghum flour or or or?” I kept thinking I would just remember . . . . not so much. I needed a new system. I already had several vintage tupperware containers that worked out really well. But, they were big, and more often than not, my co-op purchases were smallish. So I went with some Ziploc freezer containers and some no-name freezer containers. I used a dry erase marker to write the contents right on the container. The writing isn’t permanent, but that’s good because then I’m not tied to using that particular container for a particular grain/bean. So far, it’s working out really well. And if nothing else, it looks nice =)

dry goods

Total cost: $6
Total time: 30 minutes


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