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Above the bookcase

In our old house, the bookcases were located in the perfect place to collect clutter. It ended up being the place we’d put confiscated toys, or random things “to deal with later” or just stuff. It looked terrible and drove me nuts! I walked past the bookcases one morning and just had to fix it right then and there. Everything came down. Some things got trashed, some rehomed, some got put back up. The end result . . . . I’ll let you decide.

top of bookcase

It’s better, right? Not perfect, but I’m not going for perfection here, just an improvement. Tthere is still the danger that the bookcases will get cluttered in the new house, especially since they are right by the door to the garage. But, I’m keeping an eagle on them!

Total time: 20 minutes
Total cost: free


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One thought on “Above the bookcase

  1. Looking much better! You are awesome! ❤ U

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