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Day 57 – February 26

I haven’t watched a new release movie in ages. In fact, I don’t remember the last movie I watched. Oh, wait, it was Mr. Popper’s Penguins . . . .a friend and I got our gaggle of kids together to watch it. But before that, I think it was Finding Nemo, around 2 years ago. Yeah, I just don’t watch movies that much anymore. It’s weird, because I used to watch them all the time. At least once a week, sometimes more. Sometimes I’d come home for lunch, start a movie, and then continue it when I got home from work. Or I’d spread it out over several lunch breaks. I have to say, I don’t really miss the movies . . . my life is no worse given my lack of cinematic knowledge.

Which leads me to my discovery for the day: the Oscars are rather boring if you’ve a) not seen the movies and/or b) not heard of the movies. Some of the jokes were entertaining, and it was interesting to hear some of the speeches. But, by 9pm, I was done with the Oscars, and I went to bed, not at all interested in who won Best Actor/Actress or Best Picture.

Funny how your opinions can change over time!


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