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Day 17 – January 17

How do you surf the web? Do you have particular blogs or sites that you follow? Do you Google certain topics and see what you come up with? DH uses Wikipedia. He looks up a topic and from there ends up with 20+ seemingly unrelated pages opened up for him to read. I have two tutorial sites (Totally Tutorials, Craft Gossip)that I look at everyday for inspiration plus my list of fav blogs. Recently, I’ve started using Pinterest to get ideas and see the web.

I’d say I don’t really need another method, but yesterday I learned about an interesting way to surf the web. It’s called Stumple Upon. You sign up, then enter what kinds of categories you are interested in, (Parenting, Crafts, Photography, etc) and then you click the Stumble button. You are then taken to random websites that fit into the categories you have chosen. You can “teach” the site to pull up more relevant websites by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to the websites it finds for you. You can also share it on your social media sites and make comments. It’s a little too random for my every day usage, but I might use it when I’m bored of my other surfing sites.

Have you used Stumble Upon? What do you think?


Day 1 – January 1

I spent much of the day working yesterday, so I wasn’t really actively looking for new knowledge.  I did, however, manage to learn a little something.  Now, it wasn’t anything earth-shaking nor was it life-changing.  But, baby steps here=)

Yesterday’s lesson was learning how to make up a business card with Vistaprint.  I was listening to music on pandora.com, and heard an ad for free business cards from Vistaprint.  Being a budding entrepreneur, my ears perked up and I thought, “Hey, I might need some business cards!”  So off I went to the website, I designed a card that I like pretty well, and then reality struck.  Free isn’t always free.  In this case, only certain templates are free.  I, of course, chose one that wasn’t.  My template was $20, not exactly free.  So I just left the card on the screen and went about the rest of my day.  I came back at around 9ish and decided to just scrap the whole idea.  Lo and behold, the $20 price was crossed out and it was somewhere around $5.  I have no idea why, but  I wasn’t gonna let grass grow under my feet.  The order was placed and paid for and in about 3 weeks, I should have my new business cards!  Yeah!

See you tomorrow!

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