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Kitchen utensils

I’m realizing that this whole “organize something every week and blog about it” thing is going to be trickier than I thought. Last year, finding new things wasn’t terribly difficult, especially when those new things were food. Regardless of how busy I get, we still have to eat, so it was easy to find time to fit that in. Now, I have to do all of the normal stuff AND find time to organize and THEN blog! Eeep! I guess the goal IS to be more organized, so maybe it’ll get easier as the year goes by?

Anyway, I got the organization bee in my bonnet one morning when I came out to my kitchen workstation/desk area and looked at the mayhem that is my refrigerators and I got to cleaning. The inside wasn’t the problem. It was the outside. There were magnets all over the place, pictures strewn everywhere, alphabet letters here thither and yon and just random papers. It was bothering me, so I fixed it, right then and there. All of the pics went on one fridge. All of the left over magnets and letters when on the other fridge. When the babes came in, I let them know that the letters fridge was theirs to play with . . . they weren’t to touch the stuff on the other fridge. Now, don’t go thinking it was this massive transformation. It’s still a somewhat cluttered refridgerator, but at least the clutter is controlled and I feel less crazed about it.

After that got organized, I decided to move to the kitchen utensils drawer. You know, the one that holds the little things like measuring spoons, whisks, peelers, spatulas, garlic presses, etc. I was forever “losing” things in there. I’d look in the drawer . . .not there. I’d check the dish drainer .. . . not there. I’d ask around . . .”I don’t know!” I’d check the drawer again. . .. I’d find “it” hiding under some other thing. It really made for inefficiency while cooking. My idea was to get little organizer boxes so that I could divide things up. The babes and I found a few general boxes and then got a silverware tray. The 2yo and I placed everything in the boxes, only to find that once organized, all of the boxes didn’t actually fit into the drawer. Whoops! Back to square one.

The silverware drawer doesn’t have an actual silverware tray. Rather, each type of utensil is in it’s own little divider box. Yep, you guessed it. I scavenged the divider boxes for my utensils and moved the silverware tray over to the silverware. Suddenly, everything worked and I ended up with TWO organized drawers for the price of one! Huzzah! This would be a useless post without pics. Here they are!

The utensils drawer
utensils before

utensils after

The silverware drawer
silverware after

I also went ahead and did a quick organization of the “coverings” drawer. The drawer with the aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. It had been all crazy with the boxes jammed in there and nothing fitting correctly. Amazingly, once I took 30 seconds to dejumblify the drawer, everything fit! Ah, everything in it’s place.

wraps after

Now the trick is going to be to get the rest of the family on board. A few days after organizing the last drawer, I saw DH just throw a snack back in there. The 2yo was also standing there so I said, “Tell daddy, ‘No daddy, don’t just dump it in! It goes here!'” Yeah, I’m a wee bit passive aggressive! 😀

Total time: 30 minutes
Total cost: $27 (So, I’m definitely going to need to cut waaayyyy back on the total cost. Otherwise, we’ll go broke this year! Fortunately, I’m crafty, and there’s a Dollar Tree with all sorts of organizational goodies!

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