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Day 182 – June 21

Today, I bring you another post about underwear. Well, I guess it’s really about bloomers, which aren’t technically underwear, right. Anyway, for some reason I ran across this pattern by Colette Patterns for mini bloomers, and thought I’d try them out. The pattern instructions were very clear with great pics. The whole project took me maybe an hour, probably less, actually. Threading the elastic was the most time-consuming thing. The rest was gravy.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I used a very lightweight broadcloth since it’s been blazing hot this summer. I also made a few changes to the pattern since, apparently, I’m unable to follow tutorials or recipes to the letter! I didn’t bother with the buttonholes and ribbon in the legs, that seems like more work than it was worth. I just did two rows of stitching using elastic thread. I also altered the shape of the bottom of the pattern as it was curvier than I thought was necessary and made the legs just waayyy to wide. I’ll need to alter the rise some, but I think I’ll be using this pattern to make a pile of pajama shorts. I haven’t gotten new summer pajamas for about 8 years, and I REALLY need new ones! These will be perfect!

And no, I don’t have a pic. Something about posting pics of my bloomers doesn’t sit well with me!


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