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Day 174 – June 13

Strawberries were the name of the game today. I happened to see a pin on Pinterest for drying strawberries in the oven. It looked interesting, so I pinned it. The claim was that it would take around 3 hours, and they would dry nicely and taste like candy, yet be healthy. Uh, yeah, so not true. After 3 hours, I had a try full of shrively strawerries, but not dry. An hour later, not much had changed, our house was hot, and I was going to bed. So, I gave up. When my 5yo saw the tray on the stove in the morning he asked “What’s that?” When I explained he said, “We have a drying thing in here” and he proceeds to open up the cabinet and show me the dehydrator. Yeah, the one I’d totally forgotten existed! Oops! Anyway, drying in the oven was a big, giant flop! Alas!

I also made strawberry butter. I found the recipe over on Mr. Breakfast and it looked easy enough. I don’t remember the exact amounts, but it was something like this:

1 cup of hulled strawberries
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 cup sweet butter
splash of vanilla

Whiz it all up in a blender. Store covered in the fridge.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I didn’t have the exact ingredients . . . I used margarine instead of butter. It definitely didn’t mix in very well. I also dumped in some whole milk because my blender was not happy to be blending very little liquid. Despite the unappetizing appearance, it was really quite delicious, and the whole fam gobbled it up on top of the waffles. I’m going to go ahead and assume that had I used real butter, it would have been to die for!


Day 75 – March 6

Strawberries are on mega sale right now. I’m not sure why, since strawberry season doesn’t peak for another few months. But anyway, we bought a whole bunch because really, we couldn’t resist. So what to do with all of these berries? The babes have been drinking blended strawberry milk every morning, but we still had a ton. Today, I decided to make a dessert. Originally I was going to make a pie, but laziness overtook me and I really didn’t feel like making a pie crust. Instead, I made a strawberry cake. I got the recipe from one of my favorite foodie blogs, smitten kitchen. It’s called Strawberry Summer Cake and it really was quite delish. In fact, we ate half of it at dessert time. Granted, we do have 5 people in our family, but I think half was probably more than we needed to eat. To be fair, we all had a slice, and then I remembered the whipped cream. So, clearly, we all had to have another slice!

The cake was SUPER easy to make and really quite good. Mine didn’t at all look like Deb’s cake. Her’s had strawberries visible on top, mine did not. Her strawberries still looked quite red, mine did not. Frankly, it just didn’t matter, it was still very yummy. I will say that it was not as good the second day, there was a funny, bitterish aftertaste. Fortunately, it’s good enough that you could easily devour it in one day!

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