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Hanging file folders

The final piece of my desk reorganization is finally finished. It wasn’t a particularly difficult project, but it just so happened that other projects and things kept pushing this one to the back burner. My goal was to get almost everything off of my desk save for my computer, of course, and a few decorative items. I also wanted to create a system so that people wouldn’t just dump things on my desk. When the mail would come in, “Go put it on my desk.” When the babes would color a picture for me, “Go put it on mommy’s desk.” Whenever DH had receipts for me to post, “I put the receipts on your desk.” My poor desk was always a disaster!

Enter, hanging file folders. I found this tutorial HERE and thought “Yes! This is exactly what I need.” The only problem with this tute was that I was unable to print the pattern. The website hosting the pattern required that you join and then post a pattern of your own in order to have printing privileges. That seemed like more work than it was worth. So, I just looked at the pattern and reverse engineered it based on the finished measurements.

The next task was to find sturdy cardboard. We have a big stash of cereal boxes, but no way was that cardboard going to be sturdy enough, let alone big enough. As it happened, the next day was recycle pick up day, so I went cruising around the neighborhood in search of boxes. I found a goodly amount of TV and other appliance boxes.

While it was easy to find the cardboard, cutting it was a whole ‘nother story! What a giant pain! Because it was so thick, scissors were definitely not up to the task. Even box cutters were insufficient. Long story short, I ended up with a few blisters, and it took forever and a day, but I got all of the pieces cut. I cut enough to make two sets: one would hold three folders and the other would hold just one folder.

Once the cardboard was cut, I set out to choose the fabric (this is always where the battle is won or lost for me!) and get it cut out. As it turned out, cutting the cardboard was the most difficult, followed closely by choosing the fabric. Putting it all together was actually a snap. It was simply a matter of using spray glue to attach the fabric to the folders and the base and then using a glue gun to secure the back edges of the fabric. I had some assistance from the babes on this part of the project. (I have no idea what it is about glue guns that makes them come running from all over the house . . . . “Me me me me! I wanna help!”)

The final step was to make little labels and label holders for each folder. DH had saved his name badges from various conferences for me, and they came in handy here. I simply cut them to the appropriate size, glued them on, and VOILA . . . .instant label holder. I though about trying to get fancy with the labels and either writing in calligraphy or printing them out. But, let’s be honest, I really didn’t care all that much!

Anyway, I’m really pleased with the final product. No, it’s not perfect. Some of the fabric wasn’t quite the right size and some of the edges look rough, but I’m totally okay with that because my desk is no longer cluttered! Hooray!

(Please excuse the horrid lighting. My desk is basically in the center of the house in a room with one north facing window that has a big tree in front of it. Even on the brightest day, the lighting is horrid!)

folder close-up

In this next pic you can see in the folder to the left that the fabric isn’t perfectly tucked in. But I hardly notice it because my type A personality is too busy noticing and loving all of the little folders for everything! I have no idea why didn’t do this sooner! Ahhhhh! I love organization!

file hangers

Stay tuned for the next post to see how the hanging folders fit in to the rest of the desk organization!

Total Time: 5 hours
Total Cost: $5

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