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In limbo

I do have another little project that I got done this past week, I just haven’t had a chance to blog about it because we have been contemplating some big changes . . . . . we are thinking of moving to another house. We always said that we wouldn’t move from this house unless we were buying. But, things change. Our family keeps growing and we really need another bedroom. At this point, buying a house isn’t going to happen. Sooo, we either squish all the babes into one room, or we move. As luck would have it, two houses right down our street came up for rent just in the past week or so, right when we were thinking of moving.

Anyway, what does this have to do with organizing? Everything! So much of organization is dependent on the space. I’m reticent to spend time creating a home command center or organizing a linen closet if we are just going to end up moving to a different space. So for now, I’m just spending my time gleaning ideas from the internet and jotting my thoughts down so that once the dust settles (either in the new house or here), I’ll have a plan.

On the one hand I’m kinda hoping the moving thing works out. New and different is always fun and exciting. On the other hand, moving is such a giant PITB, especially with many little humans underfoot. Eh, we’ll see what happens. So if I disappear for a few weeks, you’ll know why!


Dry staples

We are in month two of being dairy and soy free thanks to DS3’s intolerance. This means we have been spending lots of time at the co-op and I’ve been buying lots of bulk foods. This is all great, until I get everything home and have to find somewhere to put it. When I would find somewhere to put the goods, I’d forget what was what. “Wait, is this rye flour or millet or sorghum flour or or or?” I kept thinking I would just remember . . . . not so much. I needed a new system. I already had several vintage tupperware containers that worked out really well. But, they were big, and more often than not, my co-op purchases were smallish. So I went with some Ziploc freezer containers and some no-name freezer containers. I used a dry erase marker to write the contents right on the container. The writing isn’t permanent, but that’s good because then I’m not tied to using that particular container for a particular grain/bean. So far, it’s working out really well. And if nothing else, it looks nice =)

dry goods

Total cost: $6
Total time: 30 minutes

Hair accessories

Sometimes, you have to seize the moment and change your plans. A few days ago, I heard the babes playing in the bathroom. This is almost never a good thing, so I went to see what was up. What I found totally surprised me. They were all crowded around the hair accessories drawer, trying to figure out a way to organize it. This drawer wasn’t originally on my “needs to be organized” list, but far be it from me to discourage the babes from organizing! I suggested that we separate the accessories into different categories, and then we set to making little boxes for said categories. We used cereal boxes, and then glued fabric on the inside to make them look less blah. The project took us a few days because we pretty much only worked on it during craft time, but everyone was pleased with the end result. You’ll notice that none of the fabric really matches. If I had my way, it all would have coordinated. As it happened, I let the babes choose the fabric from my scraps stash, so none of it matched. I’m okay with that.

hair stuff drawer

I’m glad I seized the moment!

Serger thread

This is going to be the shortest post ever, which means that this was a super easy thing to organize.

I used to keep my serger thread in the drawers of one of my sewing machine tables. I got rid of that machine, which meant that I had spools of serger thread just floating about my sewing room. The Dollar Tree to the rescue once again!

serger thread

It’s not a perfect system. When you take out a spool or two, some of the others fall over. But I don’t change thread all that often, so this will work for the time being.

Total cost: $3
Total time: 5 minutes

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